Since 1994, Recruiting Pro Software has been focused on providing comprehensive data management tools. We design and develop complex “mission-critical” systems with a premium on the security and storage of proprietary information. These systems have the ability to seamlessly integrate with other enterprise level external data sources.

The underlying technology in our systems is the FileMaker Inc. framework, which provides a cost-effective mechanism for integration and deployment across multiple platforms. Their continued research and development powered by the current $824 Billion market capitalization of the parent company (Apple Inc.) allows us to focus on implementing new features and advances in technology in our systems.

Whether creating a completely custom system or customizing a current system to fit your needs, our goal is to help clients utilize the system to its maximum efficiency. We understand that project management is a critical component of every project. Our goal is to partner with our client to utilize the nine step development process we have incorporated. These nine steps are supported by our Client Portal, a central location for project communication and budget status.

  • Initiated with a Letter of Engagement
  • Information & requirements gathering
  • Meetings to start project definition
  • Defines everything needing to be accomplished
  • Initial wireframes for selected layouts & reports
  • Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) estimate & Timeline
  • Results in a project specification document
  • Finalize contract after spec doc approval
  • First meeting after contract is signed (kick-off)
  • Scheduling of standing meetings
  • High fidelity layout mockups, prototyping & design
  • FileMaker & web development
  • Reports & outputs
  • Regularly revisit initial planning
  • Refine project needs & adapt accordingly
  • Recruiting Pro verification of project specification document items
  • Testing of functionality
  • Client review & approval that project specification document matches the system
  • Prioritized enhancement list
  • Items critical to the success of the project added
  • Additional feature requests & customization
  • Data cleanup & import
  • Training for all users, with specific training for admins & power users
  • Installation & configuration
  • 24/7/365 technical support
Deployment Options
  • FileMaker is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple and is in a unique position to develop an application for this platform
  • FileMaker Go allows you to store data locally on your device providing access to data in “Airplane Mode” without internet access, with the ability to sync the system once WiFi is available
  • Full system access on desktop or laptop machines (WIN or MAC) running the FileMaker Pro client software
  • FileMaker is the world-wide leader in easy-to-use database software
  • FileMaker WebDirect allows for live access to your data or solution
  • Online questionnaires or portals can be integrated with a desktop system to allow for online data collection